Be part of the big protective and caring circle built around children

Thousands of children lack the care and support they need to grow up healthy and reach their full potential.

In difficult living environments, thousands of children lack the care and support they need to grow up healthy. These gaps have serious consequences for their development and can result in an increased risk of chronic disease in adulthood. At the very heart of a child’s living environment, the professionals from community social pediatrics centres work together with organizations and institutions.

With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, these teams care for, support and equip children and their families. This unique care model combines medicine, social work and law by placing the child at the centre of the approach, while respecting all of his or her fundamental rights.



By giving to the Fondation Dr Julien, you too become part of the child’s big protective and caring circle.



We grow well together

With everyone’s commitment, we can provide children with the care, services and support they deserve to thrive and grow up healthy.

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